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FREE Georgia DDS Road Signs Permit Practice Test 2019 | GA

Half of the written knowledge test for receiving your Georgia instructional permit or driver’s license will be based on road signs. The test consists of two sections of 20 questions each, one focusing on road signs, and the other on road rules. The test will be multiple-choice, and you’ll need to successfully answer at least 15 of the 20 questions in each section to pass. The two parts of the test are treated separately, so it is possible to pass part of the test and be required to retake the other half before you may qualify for your instructional permit. The road signs portion of your test is only offered in English because signs around the state are only displayed in English, and you will need to convey that you can properly understand and respond to all signs while driving. The topic of road signs encompasses all signs you see along the side of the road, from informative signs to warning and directive signs, but it also includes turn signals, traffic lights and even curb markings. You can study road signs in the 2019 Georgia Drivers Manual, and then use this DDS license and permit practice test to make sure you have a full grasp of what you’ll need to know.

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